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Change Tab key behavior

I would like to see the Tab key behave differently than it currently does. 

If I am in a search, Tab will move focus to the sidebar. But since I am searching, what I want to do is move focus to the file list. 

That said, I like how the Tab key moves from File List to Search. Although in that case, I know I can just type while in the File List to start search. 

I realize it might be weird to have different Tab focus cycling depending on the current focus. Just being able to reverse it would be helpful. 

But I'd really like to have the initial focus move from Search to File List or File List to Search, then cycle to the Sidebar. 

An interesting idea. George.

But I'm afraid at this point that it's a bit too custom behaviour and my affect how others use the application.

It's easier to have one order. This order can be changed, though.

Yeah I hear you. It was an odd suggestion. But based on how I use the app. I don't use the sidebar much at all. I'd primarily like and easy way to switch focus to the File List from a search. Two Tab taps (or a Shift-Tab) to reach it feels awkward.

Or maybe I just want the most-recent item in the list to be highlighted, so the arrow keys instantly let me interact with the File List. And likely the file I want will be the one highlighted anyways. 

I feel kind of dumb for not having tried this, but down-arrow highlights the first item in the list after a search and is just fine for what I was trying to accomplish. 

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