There are appears to be a problem with some versions of OS X where opening documents of sandboxed applications won't make them appear in Trickster on the top of the list. The files will probably appear there when saved but not when opened.

The problem might inconsistent but it is described in some places on the Internet and we submitted a bug report to Apple about it.

The problem appears to be with something called "Quarantine" in OS X. This is an attribute that the OS puts on some files (like those downloaded from the Internet) which then warns you that the files was downloaded. It's a security feature of the OS, though not the most important one.

If files are affected by this problem then not only Trickster but Finder itself will not show the correct last Open Date for the document. For example, if you sort files in Finder by Last Open date, they will not appear in the top of the list of have their date change.

The best way to fix is to disable the quarantine functionality completely.
It's a hidden setting in OS X and the way to set it is to use the Terminal application.

So, to do this change, open the Terminal and run the following command, then reboot the system:

defaults write LSQuarantine -bool NO

Hopefully this helps.

If you even want to revert this change, write the same command but change the "NO" to "YES" in the end.