Some users report that ImageFramer opens PSD (Photoshop) files on their system instead of Photoshop.

We're not sure why this started to happen and while we'll try to find a solution with how ImageFramer reports the information about it being able to open PSD files, here's a solution that lets you choose which application you want to open PSD files with. This is a general concept in macOS, so it applies to any files and any application. We're just showing how to do this with PSD files.

Watch this video walkthrough or follow the steps below:

  1. Select any PSD file in Finder
  2. Press Command-I on the keyboard to show its info panel
  3. In "Open With" section select "Photoshop CC" or whatever application you want to open PSDs with
  4. Press "Change All…" below that to make Photoshop open all the PSDs on your system.

After success, this section should look like below (if you selected Photoshop):