If your Library panel shows some frame without the icons of the frames (you only see the name of the frame), follow the guide below.

NOTE: If you have your own frame added with ImageFramer Pro, first export these to a separate file (ImageFramer 4), since the process below requires resetting your database.

1. Launch ImageFramer 4

2. Open "ImageFramer" menu, open it, press Option (Alt) key and select "Reset Library Updates" that should appear

3. Open Help menu, press Option key and select "Open Database Folder".

4. Quit ImageFramer

5. In Finder, in the folder that opened (should be named "ImageFramer"), remove the following files and folders:

  - Frames folder

  - IFLibrary.db

  - IFLibrary.db-shm

  - IFLibrary.db-wal


6. While in this folder, hold Command key and press Up Key on the keyboard twice. You should now be in a folder named Library

7. In this Library, find a folder named Caches.

8. In there should be a folder called "com.apparentsoft.ImageFramer3".

9. Trash folder "com.apparentsoft.ImageFramer3" (You can select it and press Command-Backspace)


10. Now Launch ImageFramer and let it first initialize initial frames and then download frames from the library.


It's a bit long but clearing this Caches folder thing is important.