To learn why you'd like to add files or folders to Favorites sidebar, read "How to use Favorites in Trickster".

To add a file or a folder ("item") into your favourites bar, you need to:

  • Make sure that the item is inside one of folders in the Watched Folders list in File Tracking Configuration.
  • Add the item to Trickster's main list using of the following methods:
    • Opening the item from Finder
    • Dragging it on the main list in Trickster when it's visible. A green + button should appear when it can be dropped to be added.
  • Add the item from the main list to the Favorites sidebar using of the following methods:
    • Drag item's icon from the main list to the favourite sidebar but not unto another item. A blue horizontal line will show where it'll be inserted.
    • Select the item in the main list and press ⌘S
    • Right-click or Command-Click on the item in the list to show its context menu. Select "Add to Favorites" from the menu.

To remove an item from the Favorites sidebar, display its context menu and select "Remove from Favorites" or select the item and press the Backspace key.