Warning: Never use Cashculator at the same time on more than one machine. If you do this, your changes won't be saved, since the database can't be opened at the same time by two copies of the application.

Note: Cashculator+ (Free) version from the Mac App Store doesn't have this option of putting the database in any folder. This is due to the fact that Cashculator+ is a sandboxed application and thus has restrictions. Only regular Cashculator (both direct or from Mac App Store have this option enabled). If you have purchased the In-App-Purchase in Cashculator+, we can send you a free license to the direct version from our site so that you could use this feature.

To change the folder from which the database is accessed (and also to move it to that folder), follow the steps below:

On one Mac, where the most updated database is:

  1. Open Cashculator Preferences and click on the "Change" button in the Database location section.
  2. Select a folder inside your Dropbox folder in the dialog.
  3. Your database will be moved to the Dropbox after you accept it.
  4. Close Cashculator

On the second Mac:

  1. Open Cashculator's Preferences
  2. Click the same "Change" button.
  3. Select the same folder where you put your Cashculator database in step 2.
  4. A dialog will pop-up asking if you want to overwrite that database or switch to it. Select the switch option.

Cashculator will reopen with the database on Dropbox.