Sometimes when Trickster doesn't show files that you expect it to show it's good to enable detailed logging to see what events Trickster receives and how it processes them. Here's how to do it:

- Activate Trickster, press the button at the bottom-right of the window (has three dots in the middle in macOS Monterey and a "cog" in older versions of macOS)  to open the menu and then press the Option (Alt) key. In the middle of the menu, "Show Help" will change to "Enable debug log".

- Press on "Enable debug log". You need to keep holding the Option key for that.

- Verify the logging is enabled: Open the menu and press the Option key. There should be a checkmark on the menu item.

- Quit Trickster and launch it again so that the logging would start from the earliest stages of the application

- Now use Trickster for some time, open or copy files and such.

- Then open the menu again, hold Option and select "Reveal debug logs"

It will open the logs folder in Finder. The logs are just text files that show helpful messages. you can double-click to open the log and read through it or attach it to a support ticket if you need help from us.