Sometimes Trickster may stop tracking files in your watched folders or tracking will work but icons won't have previews and opening documents from Trickster will display an error message about permissions. This usually happens because the permissions that Trickster had to access your folders became stale. It could be a hard drive change, OS upgrade or perhaps some other mechanism inside macOS that triggers it.

In this case, it usually helps to remove and re-add all the watched folders in Trickster's File Tracking Settings.

Here's the step-by-step guide:

  • Open File Tracking settings in Trickster (you can press Command-T when the main window is active).
  • Make a note of all the folders that are in the Watched Folders list
  • Select them all and remove them
  • Add them all back in, for example by dragging from Finder or with the + button on the bottom
  • Press Apply Settings button
  • Try using Trickster after that and let's see if it helps.

If this didn't help, you can always contact our support for assistance.