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Image framer Hidden behind doc

My bottom menu of Imageframer is hidden behind my doc on my mac.  I can't seem to make the app smaller to fully see it.  Any suggestions?

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Hello Tisha, 

What is the resolution of your MacBook Pro?

We should probably indeed allow resizing ImageFramer to a smaller size but for now you can set your dock to auto-hide it when it's not used. You can find the setting in Dock's System preferences, near the bottom, or right click on the divider line on the Dock, on the right, and select  Turn On hiding.

Alternatively, you can increase resolution of your Mac, move the Dock to the side or reduce its size, but none of these is a good solution, really.

Can you confirm the version number of ImageFramerPro? I show 4.6.1 but I had trouble with the download and I'n not sure my upgrade was successful.


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