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Apparent Software


The only feature I long for is a much larger library of frames. On my iPhone I have so many more frame apps than ImageFramer that my wife laughs at me using it....but IF is the only decent app for large file framing...please skip some of the "extra" new features and send us bigger frame libraries...



Hello Tom,

Could you be more specific about what kind of frames you feel are missing?


Hi Jacob - My wife uses dozens of iPhone apps that have framing features .. we'd like to see more of those kinds of frames in ImageFramer. A lot more in the Holiday and celebrations category.  Both more Holidays and more choices within holidays ...even National Doughnut Day would be GREAT :-)

thanks for considering


I like your program and use it a lot to frame digital photos I then "send" via Facebook to my friends for their birthdays, etc. I do have a couple of suggestions for your perusal:

Suggestion 1) I'd like to see both oval frames and oval mats. Oval mats shouldn't be too much of a programming issue. Oval frames on a rectangular background are problematic, perhaps making the background not covered by the frame transparent (with the option of making the transparent background a color if the user wanted that). The "oval" should also be scalable, from a circle to an oval.

Suggestion 2) Allow for a mat to hold multiple images. See the attached photo as an example.

Thanks for listening,


(1.73 MB)
Would love to use as a photoshop plug in

To: Jacob from: Arnaldo

53) HD - Gallerie No.1 d'Ivan Konrad Klakow ->

54) HD - Gallerie No.2 d'Ivan Konrad Klakow ->

55) HD - Gallerie No.3 d'Ivan Konrad Klakow ->

57) HD - Galery No 4 Ivan Konrad Klakow HD 1080p ->

58) HD - Galeria No. 1  Álvaro Gómez-HD (1080p) ->

59) HD - Galeria pro omnibus No. 1-HD (1080p)   ->

60) HD - Galleria No. 5 Ivan Konrad Klakow HD 1080p ->

61) HD - Galeria Lyudmila Chaykova No.1-HD (1080p) ->

62) HD - Galeria No  2  Álvaro Gómez - HD (1080p) ->

63) HD - Galeria pro omnibus No. 2 – HD (1080p) ->

64) HD - Galeria Lyudmila Chaykova No.2 -HD (1080p) ->    

I use your software as a custom framer.

I like it, for me would be important to have the possibility to enter oval matboard.

Another useful feature should be the exact size of the width of a real moulding.

Hi Jacob, I already emailed my suggestion, before creating an account.

In short here's what I would like to have.

To be able to change the background BEHIND the frame - to light grey-white brick wall, or wooden wall, or simple light colors, or some others..

Or maybe just to add simple frames with these types of backgrounds ?


the problem I have is after I frame photo is when I go on my TV the photo does not show in full screen how can I fix that Thanks


For forcing specfiic aspect ratios, read this article ( and watch the video there.
ImageFramer can force it for the TV (16:9) aspect ratio so the result is as you want it for the screen (that's how I quickly created the images for you).
You can then output exactly at the target resolution if you want.
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