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Apparent Software

I have a Mac Mini and a Macbook Pro as I frequently work from home and also at client satellite offices. It would be useful to have a feature whereby I can synchronise my file lists etc between the two device. This means that, as often happens, I could work on a load of files on my Mac Mini from home, then put the laptop in my bag and when I open it at a clients office everything is ready. 

Hi Dave,

Thank you for the suggestion.

Are the files at the same paths at all?

One of the problems with synchronization is that files themselves may not be synced or at the same location.

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Yes all my data is synced on iCloud so it is all at the same location, filepath etc. Obviously it only updates on my actual devices when I turn them on and login to an internet connection.

This also applies to my iPad so if it worked on the iPad that is worth paying for.


It would be great if Trickster could be used to track which internet web pages were recently visited just like it does with files. Accessing the browser history is just annoying (though as an easy out, maybe Trickster could just provide a clickable link to the browser history window if possible?). Either way, Trickster has made accessing my recent files so easy that it would be great if it could do the same with recent web pages. Thank you.

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