There are two Cashculator versions on Mac App Store: Cashculator Free and Cashculator (paid). Cashculator Free is a limited version with in-app-purchase capability, allowing users to upgrade to full version from within the application.

Still, if for some reason you have purchased regular Cashculator after using Cashculator Free and would like to transfer the data you have created on Cashculator Free to Cashculator, you should follow the instructions below:

  1. Quit both Cashculator applications, if running

  2. Open Cashculator Free database folder:
    It should be at
    [userhome]/Library/Containers/com.apparentsoft.cashculatorfree/Data/Library/Application Support/cashculator/
If you don't see your [user home]/Library folder in Finder (OS X often hides it), navigate to the target folder by pressing Cmd-Shift-G in Finder to open the "Go To Folder" dialog and enter the path ~/Library/Containers/com.apparentsoft.cashculatorfree/Data/Library/Application Support/cashculator there.

  3. Open your new Cashculator database folder:
    ~/Library/Application Support/cashculator/

  4. Copy files whose names start with "CCDB" (Cashculator database) from old folder (2) to new folder (3)

  5. Launch Cashculator